My one year can't get enough of this book. He loves it and constantly brings it out for everyone to read to him. He's even trying to say "bulbul!" All in all, love, great buy for a young child!

Zunira Shuja 

loved this book -- my kids know the whole book by heart. Wish there were more urdu books at affordable prices.


I absolutely love this book is so beautifully done..With lovely illustration. .It is such a nice poem, it's just a shame that the publisher doesn't have other poems as such published because I would defiantly have brought it!!

Emilia Koprowska

So glad I found this online. Classic Urdu poem, wonderful illustrations and very good quality print. The book is a bit bigger than I had expected but really happy with it.


I bought this for my newborn about a month ago. She is close to 5 months old now. The colors and pictures capture her attention nicely, and the book is great in calming her down when she is agitated for any reason, such as being over-tired after not sleeping well etc.


If you are a parent who wants to read Urdu books to her kids, this is for sure one of the books you should get. It's beautifully made, and i love the pictures and my daughter adores it. trust me you won't be disappointed.

M. Mirza

My 18 months old daughter loves this book. I have bilingual daughter but she is much better in learning english than urdu because there are so many interesting books and apps in english. There is nothing even close in urdu. This book came as a savior. After she read this book a couple of time she started asking for 'paani' instead of 'water' or 'agua'. She loves the picture where bulbul ka bacha is drinking water with straw. Before this, I could not bring her to say 'paani'. I would love to buy all books by this publisher but unfortunately, this is the only one they have. I am looking forward to more Sufi tabassum work coming from this publisher. The main character should have a name though, my daughter asks his name. We call him bobo :)

W. Ahmad

he entire book is written in arabic script but my grandaughter's other grandmother speaks and reads Urdu and it turns out the story line is actually a song. My grand daughter loves it and now they call her Bulbul=baby Nightingale.Bright colors keep her attention and sturdy cover and pages will withstand her toddler hands.

Sheila Gonzalez

 bought this book as a gift for the daughter of a friend of my wife.she was almost in tears when she received it.

Sergio V

I absolutely loved this book and more importantly my son did too. At 18 months he's not one for sitting down to read a book with me, but this book held his attention and he asked me to read it to him cover to cover three times in one sitting. I truly hope more books like this will be produced, excellent quality illustrations and good quality book are rare in the Urdu children's book market. Please publish more!!!


I got this book for my daughter couple of months ago. She really loves it and is always listening to it before going to bed. The great thing is that its pages are fat so she can't rip them like she does to her all other books. I am happy that she is listening the same old classic popular poem with nice graphics which we have been listening too.A great effort....Attractive graphics....Strong (baby-rip proof) binding...

A. Media

We read it to our son (1 year and 6 months). Keep Urdu Preserved.

Syed Mujtaba Ali